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Ringdroid update

One week later, Ringdroid is #6 on the Android Market, with 50,000+ downloads, an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 from 1,436 ratings (the most popular app has 1,995 ratings), and 13,300 hits for Ringdroid on Google (there were 10 before the app came out).

The apps that rate higher: MySpace Mobile (#5) slightly beats it out in popularity so far, but it only gets 3.5 stars. WikiMobile Encyclopedia (#4) is pretty cool. CompareEverywhere (#3) and ShopSavvy (#2) are pretty similar, and I'm a little surprised that The Weather Channel is #1. Who knew that would be the #1 thing people want to do on their phones.
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I'm happy to be able to reveal one of the things I've been working on for several months on the side: Ringdroid, a sound editor and ringtone creator for Android (i.e. the Google / HTC / T-mobile "G1" phone).

Ringdroid finally appeared on the Android Market sometime today, so if you have a G1, please go check it out right now! It's open-source, of course - everything's on Google Code. That also means that if you don't have a G1 you can download the Android emulator and try it out on your computer - click here for emulator instructions.

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Furniture stores?

Anyone have any suggestions for furniture stores?

Now that we'll have a bigger living room (and especially one that doesn't have to double as an office, dining room, etc.) we're starting to look for a real living room furniture set (sofa, loveseat, and coffee table), but I don't really know where we should be looking. We're definitely looking for new, modern furniture, not antiques.

We tried IKEA, Macy's and JC Penney Home Store, but we found their selections to be a bit limiting. Why no leather in any color other than brown or black? Why almost no floral patterns? Why is everything so deep, like the whole world is made of tall people?

Where else should we be shopping?
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We got a condo!

Goodbye laundromat! That's right, rowneet are in escrow for a condo right now, and we're hoping to close by the end of June!

Quick stats: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1350 square feet. Brand-new complex (2006 - 2007) with ~160 units and retail space. Underground parking, washer/dryer hookup, hardwood floors (carpet in bedrooms), walk-in closets.

Location: We're right next to the Lincoln Heights / Cypress Park station on the Gold Line (light rail), at the intersection of the 5 and 110 freeways, two miles north of downtown L.A. I'll be taking advantage of a vanpool to commute to Santa Monica during off-peak hours - during rush hour it's one of the worst commutes in L.A. Luckily for nearly everwhere else we'd want to go it's amazingly centrally located. [Google Maps]

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Haven't heard from minorninth in a while?

I miss you, minorninth! Post to your journal and tell me what's new!
No, just keep me in suspense.
I see minorninth frequently in meatspace, so I don't need an update.
Don't follow my example - I never update my journal either. I'm just here to stalk people and fill out useless polls.
Resist the temptation! Close your web browser, go outside, and enjoy the real world...
Who is minorninth? I honestly don't remember.
Aaron Burr
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Bum Rush the Charts

This seems like a cool idea. At Bum Rush the Charts, they're trying to get thousands of people to buy a particular song ("Mine Again" by Black Lab) all on the same day so that an independent artist will be the #1 downloaded song on the iTunes Music Store for the first time.

Today's the day (Thursday, March 22nd). If you've got $0.99 to spare and already have an account on iTunes, here's the direct link.
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Barenaked Ladies: UmixIt with Audacity

I'm pleased to report that the just released-album, Barenaked Ladies Are Men, includes extra CD-ROM content including a special version of Audacity along with Audacity project files with all of the original isolated tracks. The idea is that you can open it up and create your own mix, or even just enjoy separating out the different instruments for fun. This is the result of a collaboration between the Audacity team (represented in this case by me and my friend Vaughan who did most of the customizations for this project), and a small company called UmixIt with a mission to bring the studio experience to amateur musicians and music fans everywhere.

The CD-ROM comes with a custom version of Audacity for Windows and Mac OS X (universal binary). For Linux users, you'll need to get Audacity separately, but the tracks will work fine, they're encoded as high-quality Ogg Vorbis files!